Life’s messages

Life rarely goes according to plan or at least that has been my experience.
It’s not linear but more like a series of meanderings. Case in point, this morning I was ready to go for a run with the dogs and as I headed outside to load them in the car. I opened the door and realized it was damn COLD out!!! Hmm…9 degrees in June…not ideal but hey, I’ll just grab a winter coat and head out regardless. No biggie. Next up, my running shoes. I put them on and went to tie my left shoe and the lace snapped. That sucks…I don’t have any spare laces hanging around so I guess I’ll scrap the run and walk instead. No problem. I get in the car and drive to the forest, walk with the dogs to our favorite trail and find a sign that stated “CLOSED due hazardous conditions.” Seriously? BUT… that’s my favorite loop. I wanna go that way. I thought about hopping the temporary fence and walking it anyway…but i decided to stay the course…and listen.

Yeah, that’s when it hit me. Signs and Messages…they are always in front of us, it’s just how much are we willing to listen and receive them? Got it. So my broken shoelace served a purpose as it gave me permission to rest my body today and recover. It’s a reminder for me to go slow and not push myself as I enter back into the world of running. Yeah, that resonates. And what about my favorite trail being closed …well, the walk still allowed me to remain consistent with my daily agreement to move my body but what was revealed was that I didn’t need to be in the woods for a long time…today was a short and sweet visit.

You see, the universe always has our backs. I know this to be true as I have experienced this wonder throughout my life. And each time it feels like unwrapping an unexpected gift. So next time you notice things in your life taking a turn…be it something large or small…notice it and get curious about what life is trying to show you. Because there is a message waiting for you.
And in terms of me wearing my winter coat in JUNE! Well, I haven’t been able to decipher that message yet, but I think you catch my drift.